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How Special Skills Applies to Modeling

Whether you are a freelance model or agency represented, if you have had a bit of experience in modeling and have attended castings and go-sees

Shooting with Student Photographers: Pros & Cons

Opportunity to Get New Photos

Quick Tip ‪#‎Modelchase‬

The more comfortable a model gets as the shoot progresses

Why New Models Do not Get Signed to Agencies

The Top 4 Reasons Why New Models Do not Get Signed to Agencies

Breaking Down the Time Structure of a Modeling Photoshoot

Wardrobe/Fitting/Changing: varies on how simple or difficult each outfit is to put on in between changes..

When to Start Charging for Your Modeling Services

You are definitely within your right to charge if someone wants to hire you

Tips for Attending Open Casting Calls:

Make Sure the Agency Holds Open Casting Calls: Surprisingly, not all agencies have open calls available.

Tips for Starting a Modeling Career Without Going Bankrupt

The Expense: Modeling Portfolio,Why You Need It: When you get signed to an agency

The Cons of Promotional Modeling

Getting Hired: It’s not always easy for promotional models to get hired (especially if you’re male), because dozens of promotional models apply to events where only one model is needed.

Modelling Quick Tip #4

When doing a photoshoot and wearing wardrobe that has been given to you by the wardrobe stylist DO NOT RIP OFF/REMOVE THE PRICE TAGS!


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